What is Aquatic Bodywork

Aquatic Bodywork is a form of warm water hydrotherapy and massage encompassing many differing techniques. It is holistic in nature; that is, it acknowledges that a human being is not only physical, but emotional, energetic and spiritual, as well. The client receives gentle movements and stretches, while held in warm water that relaxes and nurtures the body, mind and spirit. Being floated in water reduces pain, releases stress, opens the heart and quiets the mind. Freeing muscles in a weightless environment is the cornerstone of an aquatic bodywork session. Supported by water, the client is moved with the rhythm of the breath in ways impossible on land, resulting in greater flexibility.

watsu pool


Video of Watsu®

One form of Warm Water Aquatic Bodywork is called Watsu® . Here is a video created by one of our teachers featuring non other than our own Victoria Stone.