Tod Whitehurst LMT
(NEWS)Our Blacksburg Office is currently open and we are taking new customers. However we continue to monitor COVID-19 statistics in our area and if we deem it necessary to protect our clients and community we will temporarily close our doors again.

(NEWS) Due to Covid-19 special protocols have been instituted to protect our clients and staff. Click here to read further.

We are dedicated to providing the most relaxing and therapeutic bodywork sessions available anywhere. We make appropriate use of heat and warm water in our work, and create a warm, safe and nurturing experience that will facilitate healing, wellness in body and spirit. We are happy to coordinate our work with your other healthcare providers and perform medical massage by prescription from your PCP and can provide receipts for your reimbursement by Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Worker’s Compensation, or Auto Insurance claims.

$100/80 minutes or 1-1/4 hr
$105/90 minutes or 1-1/2 hr
$135 for Medical massage

If you are in the first several days of a cold or flu or even if you feel you may be coming down with a cold or flu, massage can make you feel worse. And with the recent pandemic it’s even more important not to expose others until all your symptoms have passed. It is better to re-schedule your appointment. We do consider this an appropriate “emergency” cancellation.

Cancellations and No Shows
Clients are required to notify us 24 hours in advance if they must cancel an appointment unless it is a bona fide emergency. Examples of common emergencies are a sick child or suddenly exhibiting cold or flu symptoms. With less than 24 hours notice in a non-emergency situation the client is responsible for 50% of the charge for the appointment. In the case of client who simply does not show for an appointment the client is responsible for 80% of the charge.